Chicago: Broadway’s Biggest Competitor

Chicago’s theatre scene is booming! From David Mamet’s This Old Neighborhood to Shakespeare, from storefront productions that seat 50 to The Chicago Theatre with a seating capacity of 3,880. Responsible for training today’s top improve and sketch artists at The Second City to making theatre available for all ages with Chicago Children’s Theatre. The diversity […]

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Relocation: the pros and cons

Relocation: the pros and cons I am a list’s person. I have been all my life. Grocery list’s, home chore list’s, lists of the names whom I have bought a Christmas present for, travel packing list’s, ect… Name a list and I have most likely made it at some point in my life. It is […]

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Nothing Beats a Chicago Summer

With the perfect summertime weather hitting its peek (H84-L66) Chicago is the perfect city in the summer! The options are endless; museums, festivals, outdoor concerts, baseball games, Navy Pier, and more. Chicago is rated as one of the top cities in the United States by the magazine Travel+ Leisure . With culture, food, and sports […]

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Playing 20 Questions: The Relocation Version

I maybe dating myself, but I remember playing 20 questions as a kid. Family road trips or rainy day’s taking turns leading each other in questions. Hours could be spent away playing this childhood game! Jump to today, and can you imagine the overwhelming nostalgia I felt when I came across Forbes 20 Questions You […]

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