About Us: Suite Home Corporate Housing

Corporate housing is a term in the travel industry meaning renting out a furnished apartment, condo or house on a temporary basis to individuals, military personnel or corporations as an alternative to a traditional hotel or an extended hotel stay.

Temporary living quarters with all the comforts of home. 24 hour customer care providing by in-town staff. Extensive knowledge of Chicago, Chicago suburbs, Wisconsin, and surrounding areas. Overall, the best corporate housing experience.

Our Corporate Housing Mission

When you hear the term “corporate housing,” it probably doesn’t make you think of a very personalized housing experience. Suite Home was created in 2005 to try to debunk this common perception and personalize your temporary housing experience.

Our staff strives everyday to provide a high-quality housing experience, from the moment you call our office to inquire about a rental to the moment you depart one of our corporate apartments. Our goal has always been to set up beautiful apartments in fantastic buildings that are both comfortable and functional for our clients. We also want to keep up with the latest trends so that our guests have the high-speed internet speed they need, or DVRs to record the shows when they are not at home. We are always watching consumer demand, and trying to constantly evolve.

It may sound oversimplified, but our total goal is to become each one of our resident’s favorite furnished apartment provider. We want you to remember your temporary stay in the Midwest fondly and recommend us to your friends and colleagues. We can not achieve that goal without total devotion to our residents or the apartment with which we provide them.

Your stay may be temporary with Suite Home, but we hope to establish a permanent relationship with you.

Call us today at 312.638.0891 or email sales@5zu.feb.myftpupload.com


Nondiscrimination Policy It is the policy of Suite Home Corporate Housing not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, or veteran status. The company complies with federal and state equal opportunity laws and regulations. Questions or concerns related to discrimination can be directed to the office at 312-638-0891.

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