The Suite Home Rental Process

We have streamlined our leasing process to make it easy for you! 

With a comprehensive selection and home-town customer service, you are just a few steps to moving into the perfect property.


1. You tell us what you need. We will find you options.

    • Contact Suite Home Chicago by phone, e-mail, or complete our online guest registration form. You can reach us at (312) 638-0891 or 
    • A Suite Home Chicago Account Representative will detail your temporary housing requirements, which will include location, apartment size, price range, and housing dates.
    • Our sales staff will determine a list of apartment(s) that meeting your housing criteria. 
    • We provide a detailed pricing quote on the accommodation to you for review.


2. Pick your Corporate Housing.
Select the perfect temporary apartment!


3. We send you the Paperwork and Start Preparing your Temporary Home.

    • We send a lease agreement to you via email, and ask that you complete and return the lease within 24-hours of its receipt. We can only hold an apartment until the next business day.
    • Sign and return the lease agreement
    • Suite Home Chicago processes the lease, and then sends a final confirmation with your arrival instructions. We  prepare your temporary, furnished apartment, which will include all utilities, furnishings, linens & housewares


4. Move in!

    • You move into your temporary home on your designated arrival date. The move-in packet with your keys will be with the doorman or in a lockbox at your apartment location for arrival.
    • Please be prepared to show a state-issued photo ID upon arrival.
      Suite Home will stay in contact with you throughout your stay, and make sure any work orders are completed in a timely manner. Suite Home will provide regular maid service to help you maintain the apartment during your stay.

      Once you have your intended departure date, please give the required written notice to vacate to our office. This must be submitted in writing or via email. A Suite Home representative will confirm the departure, and email you departure instructions.

      Throughout the entire process,
      Suite Home is there to assist and guide you during your temporary stay!

      Rent an Apartment!

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