I know that this is a biased post. I love my city. I compiled a list of the top 5 things as to why I love my windy city. Tell me what you think of my little list.

1. The Cloud Gate (aka the silver bean)
One of the most unique and interesting sculptures in decade’s graces the promenade at Chicago’s Millennium Park. “Cloud Gate” sculptor, Anish Kapoor, has created a work of art that holds something for everyone. It reflects the splendor that is the Chicago skyline. It plays tricks with the light and the sky. It is massive, giving it weight and importance. It is elegant — balanced on its ends and without any color of its own. And finally, it is interactive, and lets the viewer become part of the art or stand back and let the simple act of walking, turning, or even just swaying change the visual presented by the sculpture.

2. The Best Hot Dogs and Pizza- Hands Down!
Get ready to drool while you wait for the beauty that is deep dish Chicago pizza. Check out Lou Malnati’s for the real deal. Or go to Hot Doug’s for a true foodie experience of hot dogs. No trip to Chicago is complete without letting your mouth savor what this city has to offer!

3. Books on the El
Riding public transportation and observing the locals gives you great insight to the type of community you are in. Get on the El while commuting in the morning and take a look around you and you will notice people reading. Now mind you, they are NOT reading the newspaper or magazine. They are digging into books, of all genres! A city of reads, my heart is happy.

4. The lakefront
Some may say that Lake Michigan is more beautiful that an ocean. And not being able to see to the other side essentially makes it one. Early Saturday mornings will find this lakefront FULL of walkers/runners, bicyclers, roller bladders, ect. And as the day rolls on the amount of activities only grows; concerts, kites, cookouts, jet skis. Plus you get amazing skyline views of Chicago!

5. Murphy’s Bleachers
To live in the city means to embrace and love the Cubs. There is no better place to watch away games or have a drink before or after a game than Murphy’s. Murphy’s has been a fixture in Wrigleyville for almost 80 years.