By: A Corporate Housing Professional

Jennifer Breen, Suite Home Corporate Housing Owner
Jennifer Breen, Owner, Suite Home

What Corporate Housing is…

  • Furnished apartment rentals in well-situated properties throughout the city and suburbs
  • By furnished, we mean fully furnished. You can expect a bed, nightstands, dresser with mirror, couch, armchair, desk set, kitchen table set, bar stools with all the linens, housewares & electronics you could need. Corporate housing typically has standards to maintain consistency in their units.
  • 30-day minimum rentals for guests needing extended stays
  • Fully serviced units with cable, internet, phone and maid service provided as part of the rental contracts.
  • 24-hour customer service should you need assistance in your corporate apartment
  • Flexible lease terms after the initial 30-days
  • Companies that build relationships with various properties to set up several corporate apartments in one location for clientele needs.
  • A great option for anyone coming for extendable stays. Corporate housing caters to extended-stay business travelers, relocation, entertainment, monthly vacation rentals, medical stays, and more.

What Corporate Housing is not…

  • Air BnB or home sharing
  • Vacation rentals for nightly or weekend stays
  • An apartment/room with personal knick-knacks and effects
  • A hotel
  • The cheapest option you will find for your temporary stay. The rates are competitive but in no way can they compete with private owners offering their units on Craigslist, Air BnB, HomeAway, etc…
  • Randomly spread out in neighborhoods. Corporate housing tends to be concentrated in downtown or specific suburban locations.
  • Various landlords for each apartment listing. You are dealing with hired professionals with vast knowledge of the industry when you rent corporate housing.

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